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Great to be alive

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When you see a Veteran and friend, confined to a wheelchair most of the time, it makes you feel so grateful for your own good health.  But what is more gratifying is to see this fellow get out of his chair and with assistance, hop on a push bike and ride around the park.  He was confined to the grass area to reduce the risk of gravel rashes when he fell off, as he often did.

Still he makes the able bodied Veterans think twice about complaining of the odd ache and pain.  He has the admiration and best mateship shown to him by all.

Hats off to Terry but the real hero here is his loving wife and carer.  Sue allows him the freedom to experience life to the fullest while she may have her heart in her mouth, she just watches as he does things like ride a push bike, even though he can’t walk.  They live in WA and Sue has driven the Van all around Australia many times and both have made so many friends as Terry is never shy.  What an amazing couple.

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