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Rainbow Beach is the ‘Gateway to Fraser Island’ and is known for it’s kilometres of unspoilt, white sandy beaches and rolling surf. In the past couple of years, Rainbow Beach has increased its lifestyle pace and facilities however the untapped beauty of the coloured sands and white beaches as you take a 4WD trip along the beach to Double Island Point is absolutely perfect. And, of course, fishing from the beach remains one of the primary activities of visitors and locals alike. The main beach is patrolled by life guards and the people are friendly and helpful.

There are numerous dining and entertainm犀利士
ent opportunities with local cafés and restaurants, some with incredible views overlooking the ocean. Even a quiet meal of Fish and Chips on the foreshore overlooking the ocean is a perfect addition to a morning of swimming in the patrolled beaches. The town itself has a luxurious new hotel and specialty shops on the site where the old Rainbow Beach Hotel was. Only a 45 minute drive from Standown Park, Rainbow Beach is a great day trip.

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