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Tin Can Bay is just 24kms down the road from Standown Park (opposite direction to Gympie) where the water is calm and is an ideal spot for the tinny, fishing and picnicking.

The Indio Pacific Humpback dolphins come into the boat ramp most mornings where you can go into the water and feed them from 8am. While there, you could shout yourself breakfast or a coffee at any of the cafes in the Bay.

Tin Can Bay has a very active RSL Club which is open seven days from 3pm till 7pm. Every Sunday boasts a very popular BBQ Lunch with Raffles and Entertainment. The atmosphere is inviting and the people are friendly. Tin Can Bay RSL markets are held every 3rd Saturday of the month, where you will find lots of local produce, handicrafts and home baked goods available.

Tin Can Bay is a great source of fresh sea food and has the Country Club golf course, Bowls club and Yacht club. It has all the essential services while still retaining the quiet village image. You can take a relaxing cruise on the bay with Dolphin Ferry Cruises and enjoy some of the beautiful sunsets over the water.

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