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Vietnam Veterans Day marks the actual Battle of Long Tan which is held on the 18th of August each year. Although there were many battles in the War in Vietnam, this day stands tall now as the Day our Soldiers are remembered, congratulated and honoured in Australia. Standown Park hosts a large ceremony on this day which attracts up to 70 + Veterans who march in the service. A week-long activity schedule allows our guests to catch up with long term friends, remember and honour those no longer with us and enjoy mateship. We welcome all Vietnam Veterans and their family to join us each year to join in the Ceremony.

At the going down of the sun, we will remember them.

Here is a sneak peek at what to expect for Vietnam Veterans Day at Standown Park.

2015 Vietnam Veterans Day Video Battle of Long Tan: http://vietnam-war.commemoration.gov.au/combat/battle-of-long-tan.php


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